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Individual Leadership Coaching

Being a Partner

Client: Partners in Professional Services

Solution: 1-2-1 Coaching

Reaching the role of Partner in the Big 4 is both an achievement and an honour. However, as many find, earning the title is only the start of the journey.

Using ‘The 3 Questions’TM as the foundation for our coaching and asking “Who do you want to be as a Partner?”, helped those on the Partner Development Programme define their authentic identity, purpose and practice of being the leader they wanted to be.

Challenge and support

“I got just the push I needed to find more meaning in my role. I knew coaching would be uncomfortable, but I didn't realise it would also be so rewarding.``

Senior Partner

Finding myself

“Through all the change I'd lost confidence. Everyday I just felt I was trying to survive. My time with Rob helped me regain focus and confidence. I found myself again.``

Divisional Director

Leading with conviction

Client: Divisional Director

Solution: 1-2-1 Coaching

When an organisation is in turmoil, people look to those in charge for certainty. However, when you also feel uncertain it’s hard to give the direction that’s needed.

Focusing on the here and now, our coaching explored how to create ‘islands of stability’ in a continual flow of change. These islands included clearly defining the expectations of the functions within the leader’s responsibility. This, not only gave the leader greater focus and confidence in leading their team, but it enabled them to effectively direct their influence over the broader change programme.

Conquering Mountains

Client: HR Director

Solution: Higher Level ‘Human’ Leadership – Open Programme

There are times in your career when things can feel too much. You feel like you’re at the base of the mountain, looking into the clouds unable to see the peak. When you experience this, it feels overwhelming – like you just want to escape.

Taking a few days out on the Higher-Level Leadership Programme helped this leader regain perspective. They were able to reframe their current experience and regain their confidence. Following the programme, they not only defined how big the mountain was, but they gained new energy to conquer it.

New energy

“I not only got to see the top of the mountain, but I found new energy to conquer it. Thank you Muru.”

HR Director

The power of choice

“I admit I was sceptical. But it did all come together and it has opened up a path to me which I can take, if I choose, that could lead to me being more content, fulfilled, and hopefully being a better leader.”

Senior Partner

Owning Choices

Client: Partner in Professional Services Firm

Solution: Higher Level ‘Human’ Leadership – Open Programme

As a human and a leader, you cannot avoid your responsibility to make decisions. Confronted by choices, especially regarding your future, often feels daunting. Selecting one option means rejecting the others.

Through the Higher-Level Leadership Programme, this leader confronted the choices they had in front of them. They took ownership of their choices, reframing them as creating new opportunities for their future.

The Leap to Executive

Client: Operations Director

Solution: 1-2-1 Coaching

When you first become a manager, reaching the role of Executive is often seen as the next big leap you make in your career. What many people fail to realise is that with this leap the rules of the game change. You’re no longer a ‘doer’, you need to be strategic influencer – a statesperson.

Through our coaching, we explored and experimented with shifting perspective and leadership practice. The individual proved they were not only ready and capable of the leap, but they could do so without compromising their integrity.

Starting with who

“None of the previous advice I was getting was helping me get promoted. When I stopped focusing on promotion and started focusing on my own leadership, that’s when things started to happen for me.”

Operations Director

A new way

“I was given a new way of thinking about leadership and coming up with practical ideas for how to improve the team dynamic. It has really helped me.”

Senior Manager

Leaders Creating High Performing Teams

Client: FTSE100 Business

Solution: Leadership Programme

As a part of a suite of leadership development modules, where leaders from across the business were looking to improve their effectiveness, we adapted the High Performing ‘Human’ Teams model to suit the context of the organisation. Delivering the programme to a maximum of nine leaders per cohort, we focused on building the knowledge, skills and confidence the leaders needed to create and lead a high performing team. This module enabled leaders to apply the practical models and content to their context and create a plan for their teams.

team development

Resetting direction

Client: Professional Services Team

Solution: Team Facilitation

Following an earlier change in leadership and a turbulent year which saw a continual stream of conflicting priorities, this Partner recognised that they hadn’t formally agreed how the team would work together.

Taking the team away from the office, we used the High Performing ‘Human’ Teams model to focus on setting a new baseline for how they would function. This included setting a unifying vision, as well as strengthening the relationships and interdependencies between team members. To help the team keep focused, we also established a new rhythm for how they would work together.


“You were masterful – thank you. Perfect trust created; lots of candour without awkwardness and you nudged us in the right direction so adroitly it still felt like it all came from us.”


High performing team

“Our team was tired after a challenging year. Coming together helped us rebuild relationships and get back to being a high performing team.”

FTSE 100 Executive

Rebuilding the Team

Client: Executive Leadership Team

Solution: Team Facilitation

It had been a tough year for the Executive Team. The operational delivery schedule had been intense, with the entire team working long hours for extended periods. There had been no time to really focus on the team. Relationships had become strained and trust was fragile.

Using the High Performing ‘Human’ Teams model, we collectively assessed the dynamics within the team. From this assessment we identified that rebuilding trust and closeness between team members was essential. With these insights, the team created a plan for how they would work together – establishing a clear rhythm for meetings which would keep the plan alive.

Leading Finance Transformational Change

Client: Finance Leadership Team

Solution: Team Facilitation

With a new CFO in role, a review of the finance team was conducted. The recommended changes included launching a finance transformation programme, which involved implementing new digital solutions and new ways of working. Confronted by the scale of changes proposed the Finance Leadership Team recognised they needed a new approach.

Using the Leading ‘Human’ Centred Change model we worked together to define the change purpose and understand the true human impact. We then developed a clear change plan and story, which the leaders used to engage their teams in the change.

A usable plan

“I wish we had done this programme 3 months earlier. Not only did we learn some great tools to lead change, but we also walked away with a usable change plan.”

Senior Finance Manager


“Muru helped us reset. In just one day we became a closer team and created a new sense of direction, allowing us to leave the past behind.”

Finance Director

Stabilising After a Traumatic Past

Client: Charity

Solution: Team Facilitation

Following the appointment of a new Chair and the sudden exit of the CEO, the remaining Leadership Team were left struggling to know how best to lead the organisation. Through a 1-day workshop, we explored the issues confronting the organisation and the team as well as the current dynamics and ways of working when responding to these issues. This enabled us to create a clear plan for how they would stabilise and refocus as a team, and as an organisation.

Letting Go of Old Practices

Client: Technology Leadership Team

Solution: Team Facilitation

In response to unprecedented changes in the external environment, the types of solutions that the Leadership Team needed to implement were changing rapidly. Existing solutions were quickly becoming unsuitable. However, being willing to let go of the practices you’ve relied on throughout your career is tough.

Through a half day masterclass we explored the assumptions underpinning current leadership practice – drawing out the positives and restrictions of these assumptions. Next, we focused on the requirements of the new leadership style and laid the foundation for leaders to embrace this new leadership style as a part of their practice.

A new approach

“Our current way of leading isn’t fit for the future. Through Muru’s challenge and support we learned a new approach to leadership - one that not only helped us be more human, but which also helps us deliver the transformation we need to focus on.”


Organisational Change

Creating an Inclusive and Empowering Culture

Client: Professional Services Organisation

Solution: Human Centred Consultancy

Following a period of strong growth, the CEO and COO identified that unlocking the potential of their people was the foundation from which the future success of the business could be built.

Through a series of 10 workshops, involving 25% of colleagues, we created a draft definition of the experience we wanted all colleagues to have, as well as a definition of the role managers played in ensuring this was fulfilled. With input from colleagues throughout the organisation, we finalised the definitions which we called ‘Who we are’. With the definitions agreed, a commitment was made to embed them into processes and ways of working across the business. This included launching a colleague survey to measure performance against the definitions, hardwiring the definitions into policies and processes, and launching a training programme to ensure people were properly equipped to bring the definitions to life.

As people have actively embraced ‘Who we are’, the shifts in behaviour that have been seen in the business are remarkable.

Evolving the dialogue

“Muru has been a major force in helping evolve the dialogue within and the perception of our business.”


Inspirational session

“Inspirational session and right on target, enabling our team of change leaders to deliver this exciting global digital transformation programme.”

Transformation Director

Leading Digital Transformation

Client: Multinational Leadership Team

Solution: Keynote Masterclass

On the cusp of launching a global transformation programme, 60 leaders from around the world were brought together in Istanbul. The plans were to equip them with all they needed to ‘lead the change’. Following the delivery of all the technical information, including detailed change plans, the focus needed to be brought back onto the leaders.

Through a 3-hour masterclass we helped the leaders understand the true human impact of change. Equipped with this knowledge and a new confidence, they were able to step back into their businesses and lead their people as humans through these changes.

Building Trust

Client: Clients and Partners of a Professional Services Team

Solution: Keynote Masterclass

Successful working relationships are based on trust. When we understand the nature of trust, and how – as humans – we develop a trust toward each other, we can be more effective in building this.

Through this keynote presentation, we took 80 leaders on a journey of understanding – from how we build trust through to the fragility of our values. Not only did people create new connections, but they also built stronger and more trusting relationships with existing connections.

Really engaging

``Your session really engaged all the delegates and as we anticipated gave a real energy to the end of the day and was a perfect segue into the evening informalities.``

Senior Partner

Great end to our day

``It was great to have you involved in the event and I know our attendees, as well as myself, found your session really engaging and it provided a great end to our day.``

Senior Partner

Leading Finance Transformation

Client: Clients and Partners of a Professional Services Team

Solution: Keynote Masterclass

The rapid development of technology solutions is transforming the focus and ways of working across many functions. Through digital transformation, finance functions are shifting from being controllers to value creators.

As a part of the Digital Finance Transformation Conference, we delivered a keynote masterclass on leading finance transformation. With the tone set by speakers throughout the day, we explored the true human impact of change and how finance leaders need to focus on leading the change, both for themselves and their teams.

Path to Authentic Leadership

Client: Business Owners and Leaders from the Spa and Wellness Sector

Solution: Keynote Masterclass

The spa and wellness sector provide a valuable service to support the health and wellbeing of their clients. However, those leading these companies rarely get the chance to focus on themselves and their own leadership.

Through the interactive keynote masterclass, we helped dispel the myths surrounding what ‘being a leader’ means. We then helped people apply the One Rule and ‘The 3 Questions’TM to lead and live with greater authenticity, purpose and mindful intention.

Feeling relieved

“I'd always thought that being a leader meant that I had to know everything. Rob has shown me that being authentic as I 'show leadership' is all about being human.”

Conference Delegate