The 3 Questions

is your path to unlocking true human potential

Our philosophy on leadership is simple. Using just 2 statements we believe that everyone in a leadership role should:

  • Stop being a leader
  • Start showing leadership

Applying this means we need to first recognise that we are each a human being, leading other human beings.

Being human means understanding what drives our behaviour – our human dilemmas. These dilemmas are activated in times of change, influencing every aspect of thoughts and behaviour, and ultimately our success and fulfilment.

To unlock human potential, we must embrace what it means to be human. We do this through applying One Rule and ‘The 3 Questions’™.

The 3 Questions - Your path to unlocking true human potential

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One Rule & The 3 Questions

Applying the One Rule – stop emulating others – gives us the head space to use ‘The 3 Questions’TM. Through these questions we embrace what it means to be human. We learn to lead and live with greater authenticity, purpose and mindful intention.

‘The 3 Questions’™ is more than just a model. It’s our path to understand and unlock our own potential and the potential of others. It’s our path for leading through uncertainty.

The 3 Questions - Muru Leadership - Morality

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