Success stories

Thriving through transition

The landscape

Out of the blue, Jane was asked to take on a new role that she considered to be a sideways step. She accepted, but was unsure about what the real motive was behind offering her the new role. As she struggled to make sense of the dynamics in the organisation, Jane became anxious. Ultimately, this resulted in her not embracing the role as well as she could have.

The pathway

With Muru’s coaching techniques, Jane challenged the stories she had created to help her make sense of it all. As a result, she was able to see the real motive behind the decision, which was later backed up by feedback and evidence.

From this positive position, Jane developed a clear, considered path for how she would perform the role. This did not just concern the results she was expected to deliver, but also considered how she would manage her identity and reputation. Through this approach, Jane was able to go beyond the expectations of others to strengthen her reputation, thereby setting herself up for her next career opportunity.

Jane also found a purpose in the role that she had not expected. The value she placed on contributing to the success others became the key driver for her activities, and consequently the source of much personal fulfilment.


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