Success stories

Leading with confidence

The landscape

Lucy had a track record of success and never doubted herself in the roles she performed. As a high-potential professional, she progressed rapidly through the organisation and became a senior director before many of her peers.

However, soon after her most recent promotion, Lucy realised that this position was unlike any of her previous roles. Lucy’s technical expertise and drive to deliver results were no longer enough to guarantee success. The members of her team all had more knowledge and experience in their roles, and not all of them were happy that she had been promoted to lead them.

As a result of Lucy’s discomfort in her new role, there was a gradual decline in her confidence and performance. For the first time in her career she began doubting herself, and others started to question her ability.

The pathway

Using ‘The 3 Questions’ methodology, Lucy learned that this new role was not simply another promotion; it was a key transition point in her career that required a more conscious approach to being an executive leader.

Through ‘The 3 Questions’ Lucy:

  1. Established a clear identity for herself as an authentic leader and became more comfortable in her skin.
  2. Discovered her purpose as a senior leader and why it was important to her beyond career progression. Lucy became more grounded about what mattered to her, in the role and in life, and gained the confidence to express this as part of her identity.
  3. Learned how to focus on her intentions. Lucy paid more care to where her attention was focused, especially in terms of engaging her team.

Through these simple, yet powerful changes, Lucy grew in confidence as a senior leader. This changed the dynamic of the relationship she had with her team, and ultimately in the collective impact they had in the organisation.


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