Success stories

Building team performance

The landscape

The programme delivery team were having a tough time. Working with a difficult and dominant client meant that they often found themselves on the back foot. Not only did they have to resolve a constant stream of unfortunate service issues, they were often at the mercy of the client’s last-minute requests, which they felt unable to refuse.

In effect, they were being bullied by a challenging client.

In the face of such difficult circumstances, they were not a team – just individuals who worked on the same account. Richard, the Client Delivery Director, asked Muru to bring the team together to help them re-focus and get back on the front foot.

The pathway

Working with Muru enabled the team to take stock of their situation and discuss honestly and openly, the truths that were confronting them.

Using ‘The 3 Questions’, the team:

  1. Set about creating a different definition of who they wanted to ‘be’ as a team, and who they wanted to ‘be’ as a partner to the client.
  2. This definition became a powerful principle for all the team’s future activities.
  3. With a clear identity and strong sense of purpose, they were able to work with the client in a completely different way, both individually and together.

The client found the change in the relationship difficult at first. However, with a new-found confidence in their purpose, the team has succeeded in establishing a true partnership with the client that will be advantageous for both parties.


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