Leading Digital Transformation

Leading Digital Transformation

Are you embarking on a transformation programme?

In December 2019 we supported the top 65 finance leaders in a FTSE100 as they prepared to embark on a major digital transformation.

Change of any type is daunting. This is especially true for those in leadership roles who not only have to make sense of the change, but who also have to lead their teams through it.

Using our ‘Leading Human Centred Change’ approach along with ‘The 3 Questions’, we helped provide these leaders with the knowledge, tools and confidence to lead their teams through transformation.

About Muru

At Muru, focusing on unlocking human potential, we design and deliver programmes to better equip leaders to lead transformational change. Through our workshops we not only help leaders understand the concepts, but we also make sure they walk away with actionable change plans.

Contact us via rob.cross@muruleadership.com to find out more.

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