Who am I?

The theory of emotional intelligence teaches us that a defining skill for leadership is to be ‘self-aware’. However, what we’re not taught is that there are four types of self-awareness, two of which are not as beneficial as we might think in terms of helping us to achieve higher levels of success and fulfilment.

In trying to become more self-aware, we are also confronted by a maze of definitions of who we should be, along with the perceptions of others delivered through feedback that often conflicts.

Answering the question of ‘who am I?’ becomes ever-more challenging unless we search for our authentic self.

This key note demystifies the concept of identity and self-awareness, providing guidance on how to search for and find your authentic self. Through this search you will be able to adopt a more grounded and comfortable definition of self. One that you can then project into the world to help you achieve higher levels of success and fulfilment.

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