Leading the true human experience

Today’s leaders are required to navigate a continuous flow of priorities that often conflict. Attempting to balance professional and personal drivers creates an environment where ‘achieving it all’ doesn’t always seem possible, given their perception of what ‘all’ is.

As humans our behaviour is influenced by five inescapable dilemmas. Although these dilemmas are not unique to our species, their combination and how we interact with them is what makes us human.

‘The 3 Questions’ provide a simple, yet powerful methodology for leaders at all levels to lead the true human experience. Consciously adopting ‘The 3 Questions’, whether for a moment, or for all the moments of your career and life, will help you to lead and live with greater authenticity, purpose and mindful intention.

This key note shines a light on the complexities of life and work today. It provides a new approach for the audience to define what authentic success and happiness mean for them, as well as put the right actions in place to achieve what they desire.

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