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Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been struck by the number of people I’ve seen posting messages on social media about various forms of treatment they are going through, especially for cancer. There can be no doubt, based both on what we are seeing and research, that this terrible condition is impacting more and more people.

In the face of such a difficult situation, the second thing I have been struck by is the extreme courage that each of these people have shown. I feel that this is a real testament to the character of these individuals, who in the face of their condition have stayed focused, strong and tenacious as they seek to overcome the predicament they face.

A lesson for us all 

When I think about each of the people who have shown this courage, I feel humble in the lesson that they are providing. It is easy for all of us to get wrapped up in the moment, sweating the small stuff and living in a state of frustration. Although a boundary experience like a cancer diagnosis causes us to intensely focus our minds, we do not have to have this experience to get perspective. Instead we can gain this perspective for ourselves just by taking time out and being honest with ourselves about what is most important to us. It is through this contemplation that we can keep focused and hold ourselves to account on whether we are applying our attention in the best way.

Stay strong, stay focused

To all those who are undergoing treatment, stay strong and focused as you concentrate on your recovery, and be assured that your courage is providing an example for all of us.


Something to consider…

Consider what is consuming your attention and energy each day. In the context of your life, is this what is most important to you?

Something to try…

Take a minute each day to ask what is most important in your life and how you are focusing your attention and energy on this?

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