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Hi Rob, I LOVED your book! It utterly captured what I’ve struggled with about ‘leadership’ over the years; I found it very thought-provoking and enlightening. It made me feel better about myself because I could directly relate to your case studies, helping me to realise that it’s not just me. I’ll put a review on Amazon, 5 stars. Thank you.

Brace yourself to be enlightened! ‘The Great Man is Dead’ by Rob Cross takes a very different approach to the leadership models we are programmed to live by. It addresses the strains and stresses of a modern world on leaders and challenges the idea of the Great Man – an all-seeing, all-knowing leader who has the pressure of being a ‘hero’ to those around him (or her of course!). Thoughtful and insightful, the author presents a human leader who embraces their own humanity and those of the people around him to ultimately result in self-fulfilment and achieving personal goals. When I read this book, a light bulb went on and I realised that this modern approach to leadership encapsulated all the things I’ve struggled with around the expectations of traditional leadership models. Brace yourself to be enlightened!

Wow. I’d strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in taking a different, positive approach to life and work.
Like others, over the years I have watched and read so much on leadership and self-development and its too often the same… be more like this or more like that! I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a bit over books talking about how great Steve Jobs or this person or that person is. What I really like about this book is its focus on YOU as a person and being the most successful version of you. It also had lots of really practical tips and exercises to help me figure that out. This book is difinately all about YOU and being prepared to be the leader you want to be in YOUR life. I found it really insightful but practical too. It’s definitely made me a think, and it wasn’t too long or repetitive either like some books can be. I’d strongly recommend to anyone interested in really understanding how to drive yourself forward, you should buy this book and read it at least twice (once to read, the second time to take notes as there is so much to think about).

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