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Muru offers a completely new approach to unlocking potential. We believe that to achieve higher levels of success and fulfilment, you must humanise what it means to be a professional and a leader.

As humans our thoughts and behaviour are influence by five core human dilemmas. By embracing these dilemmas we can lead and live with greater authenticity, purpose and mindful intention. 

To do this, Muru uses a simple, yet powerful methodology that we call ‘The 3 Questions’™. It will help you:

develop and project a more authentic identity,

discover and adopt a stronger sense of purpose, and

direct your energy toward that which matters most.

Whether for a single moment, or for all moments of your life, ‘The 3 Questions’™ equip you to unlock your true potential as a professional, as a leader, and most of all, as a human.

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What’s in a name?

We believe that success and fulfilment don’t just come through achieving a goal; what you experience on the journey is just as important. Muru means ‘path’ or ‘pathway’ in the Eastern Australian language of Darug. It’s an apt name for what we do as it describes the journey that we follow in life. It is often depicted in Australian Aboriginal art using this symbol:

Rob Cross

Although born in the UK, Rob grew up in a small country town in Victoria, Australia. From an early age he developed a deep passion for understanding people and for leadership. Since beginning his career as a Civil Engineer in the Australian Air Force, this passion transformed into his career, and ultimately, into his purpose.

After leaving the Air Force in 2004, Rob returned to the UK. Throughout the time that’s followed he’s worked in a variety blue-chip companies across the world. In each role Rob’s focus was on developing leaders so they can improve performance by empowering people to deliver their best contribution. As a leader and a human, Rob has also focused on ‘practicing what he preaches’, even in times when life and work have been at their most challenging.

In creating Muru, Rob’s fulfilling his purpose in life – to unlock the potential in others. Through Muru, Rob brings together over 20 years of research, practical experience of developing others and hands on leadership, to create a new approach to unlocking true potential.

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